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2021 Prospect Pro Day Data Added

2021 Prospect Pro Day Data Added

2021 Pro Day data has been added. Pro Day times now display in the large NFL Combine Data table in italics when there is no combine data available, for all available years. You also have the option to adjust the data based on per position average difference in combine score and pro day score.

Individual player pages also contain the 2021 Pro Day info and can be accessed via the Player Search or the NFL Combine Data table for 2021.

Additional changes to Player Pages are also coming to utilize additional Pro Day information when NFL Combine Data is not available for a player.

If you are curious about how Pro Day scores normally compare with Combine scores, please see the Pro Day/NFL Combine Results Comparison Tool

Pro Day Comparison Tool Available

Pro Day Comparison Tool Available

With the cancellation of the 2021 NFL Combine there has been increased interest in Pro Day adjustments.

This Pro Day Comparison Tool measures the average difference between Combine and Pro Day for the filtered criteria. Each available Event can be filtered by combinations of Position, Year(s), College, or Conference.

The Average Difference measures how much better the Pro Day is, on average, than the Combine. The Absolute Average Distance measures how far apart the scores are regardless of which is higher.

Fixed 2020 height and weight errors, many other fixes.

Fixed 2020 height and weight errors, many other fixes.

We had a major error that was showing initially reported height and weight for 2020 players instead of the actual combine measurement. This has been corrected. Thank you to those who pointed it out.

2011 Pro Day Arm Length and Hand Size were flipped. This has been corrected.

Randy Moss is a point of some contention and the sources of many error reports. Randy Moss data on NFL Combine results is gathered from a 3/13/1998 private workout for scouts. It is not from the official Marshall pro day or the NFL Combine. See this Randy Moss post for more clarification.

The pre-1999 data has some measurables listed as Combine when they may be Pro Day or Private Workout stats. Randy Moss is one of these and his data has been moved to a Pro Day.

Other fixes:

  • Darnell Mooney – is not 6’4″ 300+ lbs – data update error corrected
  • Randy Moss Workout Data moved to Pro Day Section
  • Additional Duplicate entries cleaned out/merged

Please report any errors you find when researching on this site. We will to our best to validate and make corrections.

Randy Moss Workout Data Clarification

Randy Moss Workout Data Clarification

We get a lot of comments about Randy Moss, including very well meaning correction requests notifying us that the data is incorrect. There is a discrepancy here that it is worth explaining. The data was technically incorrect under the NFL Combine Results heading where it was previously placed on the site, because Randy Moss did not attend the NFL Combine. This data is also not from his infamous Marshall Pro Day.

The Randy Moss data on NFL Combine Results is from a Private Workout on 3/13/1998. It does not technically belong in the “Pro Day” or “NFL Combine” category, though technically it is closer to a Pro Day and the data has been moved to that section.

The Sports Illustrated March 23rd 1998 Issue briefly mentions this private workout. Scouts contributing our data recorded 4.33 and 4.44 as the forty times run at the event, which was averaged into a 4.38 time. We are not certain why the reported 4.31 and 4.35 mentioned in the SI article were entered into the data as a single averaged 4.33 forty time.

Marshall sophomore wide receiver Randy Moss, the enigma of the
first round because of his troubled past, had an impressive
workout for the handful of NFL teams who watched him go through
drills at his school last Friday. In a 25[degree] windchill,
Moss ran the 40 in 4.31, 4.35 and 4.44 seconds–superb times
even in ideal conditions.

Sports Illustrated 3/23/1998

Scouts using their subjective judgement to calculate an average of hand-timed 40 times is one of the reasons that data collected at the NFL Combine after 1998 is vastly superior to times collected before that. The NFL Combine also uses video evidence to adjust electronically timed scores after the event to further increase the accuracy of the electronic time.

The times and scores from this private workout are more complete than anything else we have. The temperature is also worth noting.

We hope this clears up some of the confusion around Randy Moss’ pre-draft athletic testing scores.

Large Data Update Complete

Large Data Update Complete

We have completed a large data update and cleaned up some data quality issues. Thank you to those who have let us know about data errors and other problems, many of these have now been corrected.

Other large updates include:

  • Date of birth and player ages for 2019 and 2020
  • Additional Pro Day scores
  • NCAA (High School) recruiting combine data
  • 20 and 10 yard splits for 2020
  • Significant data cleanup
  • Other missing data

NCAA/Prep Recruiting Combine data will be available on player pages shortly.

Large Data Update Complete – Pro Day data is now available

Large Data Update Complete – Pro Day data is now available

We have completed a major data update that includes Pro Day information for a large number of players. We have also updated some previously missing data and added previously missing players to the database.

Data Updates Include:

  • Missing Combine Scores and Times for 2019 Players
  • Missing Players from the 2019 class and previous years
  • Pro Day Data for most players

Future Site updates will include:

  • Adjusted Pro Day data in sortable tables
  • Pro Day percentiles if Combine not available
  • Improved Combine Grades
  • Improved Similar Athletic Profiles

Large Data Update Complete | 1987-1998 Combine Data is Now Available

Large Data Update Complete | 1987-1998 Combine Data is Now Available

We have completed a very large data update including 11 previously unavailable years of data, and with it a fairly large update to the site.  The details of the updates include:

  • Previously unavailable NFL Combine Data from 1987-1998 is now available
  • Improvements to Sort Features and other ease of use improvements
  • Updates, corrections, and additional Data added for years 1999-2017
    • 10 and 20 yard splits added where missing
    • Improved Height Data
    • QB Ball Velocity
    • Draft Age Added
    • BMI Added
    • Shuttle Split Added (Shuttle minus 20 yard split)
    • College Conference and Division Added
    • More
  • Improvements to mobile experience


Large Combine Data Update Complete and Site Update

Large Combine Data Update Complete and Site Update

NFLCombineResults has recently supplemented the most complete NFL Combine score database available with large amounts of additional Hand Size, Arm Length and 60 Yard Dash times.  We have also updated many missing Forty Yard Dash times, Vertical Leap scores, and Broad Jump scores in addition to updating some 20 Yard Shuttle and Cone Drill times.  The extent of the combine data updates range from current 2016 draft class players all the way back to players in the 1999 draft class, with hundreds of players receiving updates or additions to their combine scores.

This accessible Combine Data is offered in a sortable, filterable format for our users and has been since 2008.  We are happy to report that our database has been used countless times by academic researchers and statisticians looking for the best way to analyze NFL Combine data, and we encourage researchers to continue to use this data in their analysis.  This site was created to combine disparate NFL combine data in one place that is also sortable, filterable and as accurate and complete as possible to provide both fans and researchers with the ability to quickly analyze and work with the data.

Also newly available is an expanded table that is also sortable and filterable, and adds Hand Size, Arm Length and 60 Yard Shuttle times to the existing standard table.  Due to the large amount of data involved (5,500+ players), filtering by All years may produce slower load times. has also updated the interface for data table and player pages, including the following updates:

  • Replaced deprecated and empty Google Image Search box until a solution can be implemented.
  • Added mobile support for player pages – previously data was hidden for some mobile devices in portrait view.
  • Improved user experience on mobile devices for NFL Combine Data sortable data tables.  Tables now easily scroll to the side on touch screen devices and narrow screens.
  • Added Player Search in top corner for NFL Combine Data and Player Pages
  • Fixed various issues with the site displaying poorly on certain devices.

Thanks to everyone who has submitted corrections or additions, and please continue to do so.

Coming Next:

  • 2016 Wonderlic score updates
  • Additional Site Updates
  • Key to easily differentiate the scores (Elite, Good, Average, etc) on a per-position basis Site Interface Updated Site Interface Updated site updates are complete, please enjoy the updated interface and thank you for your patience.

Coming Soon:

  • More 2015 Combine Data including Wonderlic scores where available.
  • Percentiles for Combine Scores that helps to show how good a particular combine score is in relation to other players.
  • Player pages will include rankings for combine scores.

Please let us know if you have any issues with the new interface.