We had a major error that was showing initially reported height and weight for 2020 players instead of the actual combine measurement. This has been corrected. Thank you to those who pointed it out.

2011 Pro Day Arm Length and Hand Size were flipped. This has been corrected.

Randy Moss is a point of some contention and the sources of many error reports. Randy Moss data on NFL Combine results is gathered from a 3/13/1998 private workout for scouts. It is not from the official Marshall pro day or the NFL Combine. See this Randy Moss post for more clarification.

The pre-1999 data has some measurables listed as Combine when they may be Pro Day or Private Workout stats. Randy Moss is one of these and his data has been moved to a Pro Day.

Other fixes:

  • Darnell Mooney – is not 6’4″ 300+ lbs – data update error corrected
  • Randy Moss Workout Data moved to Pro Day Section
  • Additional Duplicate entries cleaned out/merged

Please report any errors you find when researching on this site. We will to our best to validate and make corrections.