33 Years of NFL Scouting Combine Data


NFLCombineResults.com was created to provide an easily sortable and highly accessible reference for historical NFL combine data.  The site aims to be the most complete source of available combine information, and to provide that reference data in a way that is easily obtainable and usable to researchers.

Raw combine data is manually gathered and compiled from various combine and sources.   To ensure accuracy, information is manually checked across (when possible) a variety of reliable web sources including major media outlets (NFL.com, CBS.com, JSOnline.com and ESPN.com – in accordance with the terms).  Accuracy is not guaranteed, but we make every attempt to have complete data for users to analyze.

NFLCombineResults.com also analyzes combine data and informs readers about different aspects of the NFL Combine.

Please note that all Wonderlic scores (confidential) and 40 Yard Dash Times are always unofficial.

NFLCombineResults.com does not collect or store any information about any user of the site.


  1. David Lehman's Gravatar David Lehman
    February 27, 2012    

    Greetings. I am a management professor and am interested in using NFL Wonderlic scores for some of my research. Your site has an impressive database of scores that would be perfect for my study. However, given that the NFL typically aims to keep these scores private and confidential, I am hoping to gather more information about your site and sources for this data so that I can describe it as a reliable data source. Is it possible for you to provide me more information about who compiles this data and the sources for it?

    Thank you in advance,

    • nflcombineresults's Gravatar nflcombineresults
      March 6, 2012    

      Wonderlic scores for 2007 and after are always “unofficial” due to NFL confidentiality and are often gathered from news stories or other media leaks. If Wonderlic score rumors are later confirmed to be incorrect, they are removed.

      Wonderlic scores before 2007 were compiled mainly from mainstream news stories and a variety of different sources. These are still not 100% reliable but can be considered more reliable than scores 2007 and before.

      This site was created to assist in research just like your own. The combine data was originally compiled to assist us with our own research project, and we decided to post it online for others to use as well.

  2. Jake's Gravatar Jake
    February 16, 2020    

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