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2012 NFL Combine Preview

2012 NFL Combine Preview

The 2012 NFL Combine will take place from February 22nd to February 28th at the traditional location of Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.   Over 300 NFL Draft hopefuls have been invited to showcase their athleticism and take physical and mental examinations.  The best players from NCAA Football will compete in several drills on a level playing field, vying to improve their draft stock and move up NFL Draft boards. Once the NFL Combine is complete, the NFL Draft countdown begins. Mock drafts and speculation becomes much more accurate because teams have an idea of who they want to draft.

This year’s most scrutinized and anticipated NFL combine invitees:


  • Andrew Luck (QB) – Stanford –  No Quarterback since Peyton Manning has been more hyped than Andrew Luck.  As a result, he may choose to bypass the combine having nothing to gain.
  • Robert Griffin III (QB) – Baylor – One of the most explosive players in NCAA football, Griffin III is quickly becoming an elite NFL draft prospect.
  • Ryan Tannehill (QB) – Texas A&M – Tannehill is an athletic QB who NFL scouts love.  A strong performance at the combine could make him a top 10 pick.
  • Russell Wilson (QB) – Wisconsin – Wilson is a smart, athletic passer who could soar up draft boards this spring with an impressive combine.

Running Back:

  • Trent Richardson (RB) – Alabama – Richardson projects as a top 15 pick who could go in the top 5 with a good showing at the combine.
  • Lamar Miller (RB) – Miami – Miller has two years of eligibility left, but his elite athleticism should land him in this year’s NFL draft.  He could impress with scouts with a very fast 40 yard dash time.

Wide Receiver:

  • Justin Blackmon (WR) – Oklahoma State – Blackmon is an early favorite to be a top 10 draft pick.  A good combine could solidify that.
  • Michael Floyd (WR) – Notre Dame – The combine will be important for the big-bodied Floyd.  An impressive combine could propel him into the top 20 picks.

Offensive Tackle:

  • Matt Kalil (OT) – Southern California – Kalil could be the most talented prospect at this year’s combine.
  • Riley Reiff (OT) – Reiff is widely expected to be drafted in the top 10 picks.

Defensive End:

  • Quinton Coples (DE) – North Carolina – Coples is a huge, physical freak capable of playing both DE and DT.

Defensive Tackle:

  • Devon Still (DT) – Penn State – Still is the best DT in the draft, and should go in the first round.

Inside Linebacker:

  • Luke Kuechly (ILB) – Boston College – Kuechly is a lock for the first round, and could go towards the top.

Outside Linebacker:

  • Melvin Ingram (OLB) – South Carolina – Ingram is flying up NFL draft boards and could go in the top 10 picks.  A good combine will certainly help his stock.


  • Morris Claiborne (CB) – LSU – Should be a lock for the top 5 picks, and a good combine will ensure that.
  • Alphonso Dennard (CB) – Nebraska – Could move up draft boards with an impressive showing.


  • Mark Barron (SS) – Alabama – Barron is a big, athletic safety who will want to prove he is healthy after coming back from a pectoral injury.


The Best Wonderlic Scores In NFL Combine History

The Best Wonderlic Scores In NFL Combine History

The Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test™ is used at the NFL Combine to measure players problem solving abilities.   See more detailed information about the Wonderlic Exam here.

Harvard’s Ryan Fitzpatrick owns the highest Wonderlic score for a QB ever recorded at an NFL Combine with a score of 48.  Alamaba’s Greg McElroy was rumored to have scored a 48 in 2011, but it was later found that he had scored a 43 which is the second best score in NFL history.

The Top Combine Quarterback Wonderlic Scores in NFL History:

  1. 48 – Ryan Fitzpatrick (2005)
  2. 43 – Greg McElroy (2011)
  3. 43 – Jason Maas (1999)
  4. 42 – Blaine Gabbert (2011)
  5. 41 – Kevin Barnes (2009)
  6. 40 – Darrell Hackney (2006)
  7. 40 – Alex Smith (2005)
  8. 39 – Todd Husak (2000)
  9. 39 – Aaron Rodgers (2005)
  10. 39 – Eli Manning (2004)
  11. 38 – Matthew Stafford (2009)
  12. 38 – Matt Flynn (2008)
  13. 38 – Omar Jacobs (2006)
  14. 38 – Craig Krenzel (2004)
  15. 38 – Charlie Frye (2005)

At the time of this writing, 6 of the top 15 names on this list are current active NFL starters (Fitzpatrick, Gabbert, Smith, Rodgers, Manning, Stafford) with another sure to get a legitimate shot at starting in the near future (Flynn).

Other Notable Wonderlic Scores:

  1. 36 – Sam Bradford (2010)
  2. 35 – Christian Ponder (2011)
  3. 33 – Tom Brady (2000)
  4. 32 – Matt Ryan (2008)
  5. 30 – Matt Schaub (2004)
  6. 30 – Tony Romo (2003)
  7. 30 – Philip Rivers (2004)
  8. 29 – Andy Dalton (2011)
  9. 28 – Drew Brees (2001)
  10. 28 – Mark Sanchez (2009)
  11. 27 – Josh Freeman (2009)
  12. 27 – Joe Flacco (2008)
  13. 26 – Jay Cutler – (2006)
  14. 22 – Tim Tebow (2010)
  15. 21 – Cam Newton (2011)

It is increasingly common for starting QBs to have scored better and better on the Wonderlic exam. This may be due to several factors including increased pre-draft preparation by the players, an increased value placed on Wonderlic scores by NFL teams on draft day, and an increased likelihood of success for highly intelligent Quarterbacks.

*A high Wonderlic score does not necessarily indicate intelligence, nor does a low Wonderlic score indicate a lack of intelligence.



The Strongest Players In NFL Combine History (Bench Press)

The Strongest Players In NFL Combine History (Bench Press)

The Bench Press at the NFL Combine is used as a basic measure of strength.  The event measures how many times a player can bench press 225 lbs.  The best bench press scores ever recorded at the NFL Combine are:

  1. 51 reps – Justin Ernest (1999)
  2. 49 reps – Stephen Paea (2011)
  3. 45 reps – Leif Larsen (2000)
  4. 45 reps – Mike Kudla (2006)
  5. 45 reps – Mitch Petrus (2010)
  6. 44 reps – Brodrick Bunkley (2006)
  7. 44 reps – Jeff Owens (2010)
  8. 43 reps – Scott Young (2005)
  9. 42 reps – Isaac Sopoaga (2004)
  10. 42 reps – Tank Tyler (2007)

51 reps has stood since the beginning of the electronic timing era (1999).  Only Stephen Paea with his 49 reps has even come close to the impessive mark of 51 reps set by Eastern Kentucky’s Justin Ernest in 1999.


2011 NFL Scouting Combine Data is Available

2011 NFL Scouting Combine Data is Available

For those of you that have requested the most up to date combine data in a sortable format, the 2011 NFL Scouting Combine Data is now available including QB Wonderlic scores.

Please use the NFL Combine Data menu button above or click here to access the data.

As always, please report any errors or omissions to

As of this blog posting, all NFL Combine Data to date should be entered.  Some data such as Wonderlic scores are incomplete due to secrecy, so if you have additional data please contact and we will update accordingly.



2010 NFL Scouting Combine Data Now Available

2010 NFL Scouting Combine Data Now Available

2010 NFL Scouting Combine Data is now available.  2010 Wonderlic Test Scores for several positions including QB have also been added.

The data can be accessed by using the “NFL Combine Data” menu item above, or by clicking here: 2010 NFL Combine Results.

As always, please report any errors or omissions to


2009 NFL Scouting Combine Data Now Available

2009 NFL Scouting Combine Data Now Available

2009 NFL Scouting Combine Data is now available.  2009 Quarterback Wonderlic Test Scores have also been added to the data set, in addition to Wonderlic scores for other positions.

Please access the data by using the “NFL Combine Data” menu item above, or by clicking here: 2009 NFL Combine Results.

Please report any errors or omissions to