33 Years of NFL Scouting Combine Data

NFL Combine Data From 2008-2013 Updated

There have been some recent and significant updates to NFL Combine Results combine data.  Individual player pages now have more complete information about players, including Hand Size, Arm Length, and 60 Yard Shuttle time.  Combine data has also been updated to add additional data that was previously missing from the database.

The updates to the data include:

2008 Quarterback – Hand Sizes

2009 Quarterback – Hand Sizes

2010-2013 All Positions – Hand Sizes

2010-2013 All Positions – Arm Lengths

2011 -2013 All Positions – 60 Yard Shuttle Times

2012 All Positions – 10 Yard Splits and 20 Yard Splits

2013 All Positions – 10 Yard Splits

Possible future updates:

2013 All Positions – 20 Yard Splits

Wingspan results (as they become available)

New aptitude test results (if available and useful)


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  1. Tom's Gravatar Tom
    May 6, 2013    

    I’m very happy to have stumbled across this site! Is it possible to view all of the data in a large table format? The large table doesn’t appear to have the arm length and hand size data. Perhaps I haven’t figured out how to view it!

    Thanks for compiling all this data!

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