2012 NFL Combine Wonderlic scores are beginning to be reported, but these reports may not be entirely accurate.  We will continue to update the list below as well as player pages as Wonderlic scores are unofficially reported.  It’s important to remember that all NFL Combine Wonderlic scores are now unofficial, though they are typically reported to be confirmed by several sources.

UPDATE: Many Quarterback Wonderlic scores have been released, including those of Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III, from a very reliable source – Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

Andrew Luck (37) scored significantly higher on the Wonderlic than Robert Griffin III (24).  Griffin’s score (24) was somewhat disappointing based on expectations, but still not bad.  Ryan Tannehill may have solidified himself as a top of the first round pick with a good overall combine and his notable score of 34 on the Wonderlic.

Player Name – Wonderlic Score


Andrew Luck – 37

Robert Griffin III – 24

Ryan Tannehill – 34

Russell Wilson – 28

Kirk Cousins – 33

Brandon Weeden – 27

Brock Osweiler – 25

Ryan Lindley – 35

Nick Foles – 29

Kellen Moore – 26


Morris Claiborne – 4


*The Wonderlic score is based on a single 12-minute, 50 question test.  A short sample can be found here:  Wonderlic Sample Exam.