Historical NFL Scouting Combine Data

2013 NFL Combine Results Now Available

The 2013 NFL Combine has concluded and the results have been processed.  2013 NFL Combine Results can be accessed directly by clicking the link below or using the “NFL Combine Results” button on the navigation bar:

2013 NFL Combine Results

Recent Updates:

  • 2013 Running Back 40 Times, 10 Yard Splits
  • 2013 Running Back Quickness and Agility Drill Times
  • 2013 Quarterack 40 Yard Dash Times
  • 2013 Wide Receiver 40 Yard Dash Times, 10 Yard Splits
  • 2013 Defensive End 3 Cone and Shuttle Drill Times
  • 2013 Defensive End 40 Times
  • 2013 Defensive End Bench Press
  • 2013 Defensive Tackle Bench Press
  • 2013 Inside and Outside Linebacker Speed and Agility Drills
  • 2013 Defensive Back Speed Drills
  • and more…

Further updates will include:

  • Quarterback Wonderlic Scores
  • 20 Yard Splits
  • 10 Yard Dash Times
  • Hand Size
  • Arm Length
  • 60 Yard Shuttles

We are still processing some of the data, and also waiting for reports of Wonderlic scores to start leaking out.

There will also be some forthcoming updates to the 2013 NFL Combine data, including 10 yard splits, QB hand size, arm lengths, 60 yard shuttle times, and more.


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